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EcoPlanet Bamboo is a bamboo plantation company. EcoPlanet Laboratories is the R&D investment of the company. Both EcoPlanet Bamboo & EcoPlanet Laboratories were founded by serial entrepreneur Troy Wiseman, and bamboo plantation expert Camille Rebelo.


​​​​© 2018 EPB Laboratories  Troy Wiseman Camille Rebelo EcoPlanet Bamboo Investments

EPB Laboratories is a wholly owned subsidiary of EcoPlanet Bamboo Group LLC.

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March 20, 2015

In preparation for the time when the vast volumes of leaves can be put to use, particularly from EcoPlanet Bamboo's plantations and bamboo farms in Nicaragua, we at EPB Laboratories have been carrying out a series of research experiments in conjunction with the internationally acclaimed Poultry Science Department at the University of Georgia.

January 9, 2014

The majority of available research or widely available information lumps bamboo into a single category. Yet with more than 1,200 bamboo species it's not surprising that the reality is that the fiber or biomass of each species has a unique set of characteristics. Furthermore, most bamboo plants are, in large part, a product of their growing envi...

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March 22, 2017