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EcoPlanet Bamboo is a bamboo plantation company. EcoPlanet Laboratories is the R&D investment of the company. Both EcoPlanet Bamboo & EcoPlanet Laboratories were founded by serial entrepreneur Troy Wiseman, and bamboo plantation expert Camille Rebelo.


​​​​© 2018 EPB Laboratories  Troy Wiseman Camille Rebelo EcoPlanet Bamboo Investments

EPB Laboratories is a wholly owned subsidiary of EcoPlanet Bamboo Group LLC.

March 22, 2017

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January 14, 2016

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EcoPlanet Biomass Labs

October 29, 2012

EPB Laboratories was originally incorporated as EcoPlanet Biomass Labs due to the initial focus on the R&D and testing around different sources of biomass, focused but not limited to bamboo biomass.


An original article around the company's initiation was posted here




EcoPlanet Biomass Labs becomes EcoPlanet Bamboo’s fourth subsidiary, and offers testing and research and development (R&D) at its facility on our Kowie Bamboo Farm in South Africa’s Eastern Cape.


EcoPlanet Biomass Labs is the first lab of its kind in the region providing testing for energy products from South Africa’s energy and mining sectors. The Company carries out different forms of pyrolysis testing for external clients, as well as R&D on yields, composition and validity of different bamboo species for the production of carbon based bioenergy products.


EcoPlanet Biomass Labs also serves as a testing and R&D facility for EcoPlanet Bamboo by ensuring that quality is tightly controlled and that improvements are continuously under development for our products. EcoPlanet Biomass Labs provides results driven R&D, ensuring that EcoPlanet Bamboo is leading the bamboo industry with the highest standards of quality and sustainability.

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