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EcoPlanet Bamboo is a bamboo plantation company. EcoPlanet Laboratories is the R&D investment of the company. Both EcoPlanet Bamboo & EcoPlanet Laboratories were founded by serial entrepreneur Troy Wiseman, and bamboo plantation expert Camille Rebelo.


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EPB Laboratories is a wholly owned subsidiary of EcoPlanet Bamboo Group LLC.

March 22, 2017

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EcoPlanet Bamboo's Case for an Alternative Pulp

January 14, 2016

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Significant R&D Required to Disrupt the Global Textile Industry - EcoPlanet Bamboo Takes on the Challenge

Earlier this month the official G7 Climate Change publication featured an article by EcoPlanet Bamboo, regarding the potential for sustainably produced bamboo to disrupt one of the world's largest and fastest growing industries - textiles.


"Pre the industrial revolution, much of the world’s development can be traced to the use of wood and extraction of timber from forests that took thousands of years to grow. Exploration and discovery, colonization, and subsequently trade and commerce were fueled by access to a timber resource. Indeed it was the impending shortage of timber to fuel Britain’s fleet that first led to the widespread use of coal, and the subsequent industrialization that overtook the world. History has shown that a lack of supply forces change, which in turn spurs innovation. And now, once again, forced by decades of ravaging our natural forests and the widespread and potentially catastrophic effects of their disappearance, a shift as disruptive as the industrial revolution is not only required, but critical"


It's no secret that the current sources of raw material for this industry, both natural and synthetic take a considerable toll on the environment. Cotton is one of the most damaging of agricultural crops, with land clearing, high use of chemicals, and polluting of nearby water ways common. Rayon and viscose are no better, generally coming from the illegal harvesting of forests.


EcoPlanet Bamboo has created deforestation free - grown only on highly degraded land - bamboo as a sustainable and certified raw material for the global textile industry. However, the provision of a sustainable fiber for this industry is not enough. The global textile industry is fraught with environmental (and social) issues around dirty manufacturing, high water footprints, high occurrence of polluting chemical waste streams, to name a few. The world's leading clothing brands, although committed to making a shift to alternative, deforestation free fibers, are simply not willing to make this significant switch until the solution is all encompassing - sustainable fibers AND clean, closed loop manufacturing technologies.


The challenge is massive, but EcoPlanet Laboratories is working hand in hand with a range of leading global technology institutions to develop an alternative to current dissolving pulp (the base material for textile production). The technology we have under development is designed to meet a range of requirements, and provide a holistic, fully integrated solution that can truly disrupt this enormous global industry.


Contact us for more information on our solution for the global textile industry:



Read the article published by the official G7 Magazine, "Greening Supply Chains Through Disruptive Change - EcoPlanet Bamboo's Sustainable Fibre Solution".

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